Equine Facilitated Learning

Family Focus is excited to have EFL as an alternative to traditional models of treatment and learning for participants interested in self-exploration and personal growth.

EFL is the practice of using horses for emotional growth. Participants do groundwork activities facilitated by horses and mental health professionals in order to better understand themselves, grow, and heal. The field of using horses for learning has been proven to be very effective in building confidence, improving communication and developing personal insights. EFL works because horses mirror the emotions and behaviors of the participants that surround them.

EFL builds skills in so many areas including problem solving, impulse control, work ethic, cooperation, team building, communication, and cueing

EFL also address mental health issues including anxiety, depression, PTSD, Panic Disorder, ADHD, and Autism/Aspergers. The sessions are led by mental health providers associated with Family Focus.

Dr. Donna Fargason is a psychiatrist who has been trained in equine facilitated learning as a therapy modality. She has been using this therapy modality for several years and has learned that patients who have participated in this unique kind of therapy have gotten so much better so much quicker. Patients use all of their senses vs. sitting on a couch and talking about feelings. This method of self-discovery and awareness is so effective because it is experiential, not theoretical. Dr. Fargason wants to grow this part of her practice and make it more affordable so that everyone can have exposure to this amazing type of self-discovery and wellness.