Psychiatry – Mental Health Speaker and Training

Finding an experienced and well-versed speaker regarding any issue can be challenging. To find one who can speak to the very important topic of mental health and tailor the talk to the audience from children to professionals, is where we stand apart. Donna Fargason, MD has been a speaker for several pharmaceutical companies over the years, and is trained in Adult Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Infant Psychiatry, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy through the Psychoanalytic Institute in New Orleans, and Equine Facilitated Learning (Horse Therapy). She currently teaches third and fourth year psychiatry residents at Our Lady of the Lake Residency out-patient clinic and is a speaker for the pharmaceutical company, Takeda.

Dr. Fargason has spoken to several audiences around the area about suicide prevention, ADHD, and also about the field of psychiatry as a career.  She has posted informative videos about ADHD on YouTube and the Family Focus, LLC Facebook page. She has contributed to many mental health articles over the years in various publications as well. Her style is casual and relatable which is very important in speaker programs. Teaching is her passion!

If you are looking for an informative interaction with someone who loves to teach and has been practicing psychiatry for over 20 years, please get in touch.  

Dr. Fargason’s rate is $200/hr locally.  Please contact Family Focus if your event is outside of the Baton Rouge area.