Women’s Issues

Women have specific needs for psychiatric care that is tailored to their changing hormonal needs depending on their stage in life. Each dynamic stage of a woman’s life can present variations in hormonal balance that can alter her mental/emotional chemistry. There is a delicate dance between the endocrine/hormonal system and the nervous system/brain chemistry. We have psychiatric providers with years of extensive experience in dealing with the prescribing needs that arise in these times of life. Special attention is given to the health of women navigating these challenging times. We view women in the entirety of their holistic health and make referrals to specialists in other areas of medicine to assure women are taking care of their whole health. Helping women reach their full potential in life during these phases of life is our priority.

Stages of life that likely present challenges for women;

Premenstrual Phase/Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
Peri-menopause /Menopause

Women have a vital role in their own home as well as in society. It is paramount that each woman’s health and well-being is optimum and whole to meet her own needs and those of her family.

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